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5 Weight Loss Tips & Tricks That Are Actually Myths

Weight management has been one of the many things people try to achieve and due to people's determination to make it a quick weight loss journey, it is inevitable to attract the growth of fad diets and trends. However, most of these trendy diets can be deceiving and actually harmful to the health.

Before joining what is popular and new, why not review first this list of the top five weight loss tricks, tips and trends that are most likely just a myth.

The detox or juice cleanse
For the past two years, there has been a steady rise in the cleansing business because of its promise of immediate weight loss and cure for diseases. However, according to Harrisburg Magazine, limiting your body to a diet that consists of mainly juices may be causing your body more harm than good.

By reducing the vegetables and fruits to a juice form, the fiber and antioxidants present in the seeds and skin of the produce will be eliminated. Furthermore, as the body is deprived of food, it will crave for something to curb hunger, making the individual eat more and end up gaining back the weight they've lost.

The superfood called quinoa
When quinoa has became popular among celebrities, everybody started thinking that it is the best vegetarian protein out there that they began incorporating it in their diet. However, Yahoo! Health states that there are other better vegetables out there to be considered as protein-rich. An example is the kamut, a Middle Eastern wheat that has omega-3 fatty acid, 30 percent more protein, and can give about 140 calories only.

Doing weights can help turn fats to muscles
Although it is easy to believe this fad, studies show that body fat can never become muscle, Business Insider reports. It can, however, help in building and improving muscle tissues, making your body toned and pumped up.

Do crunches to turn flabs to abs
Unfortunately, doing the crunches exercise can only reduce a few calories from the body because it targets only the smallest muscles of the body which is the rectus abdominus, Times of India writes. Try doing a variety of activities to support the torso and help achieve a much better weight loss management.

Practice a low or no carb diet for faster weight loss
Ben Greenfield, a fitness and nutrition expert, shares that there are long-term adverse effects to the body if it continuously deprived of carbohydrates, Harrisburg Magazine shares. The liver will be stressed because it is forced to aid in the manufacture of glucose.

Instead of truly eliminating carbs from your diet, try eating fruits, vegetables and complex carbs like wheat because it is better to have a well-balanced diet than be deprived of the necessary nutrients.



Sep 20th 2018
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