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Best maintenance tips
Oct 20th 2013
Hi all,
I haven't reached my goal weight yet but as I get closer to it I'm starting to think about how i'm going to maintain my weightloss moving forward. I would really appreciate some tips from successful maintainers! Thanks.
Oct 20th 2013
Well it's a great idea to start planning ahead because like anything else, this is a process. If you're not doing it already, start tracking everything you eat. Try to identify which foods keep you feeling full the longest. The more you know about how your body reacts to certain foods the better. If you have a "cheat day" you should keep track of that too. Learn what impact it had on your weight and how it made you feel the next day. People's bodies react to food differently so find out what triggers you and what satisfies you and that should be all the information you need to stay on the right path. Good luck!
Oct 20th 2013
Here are my best tips:
1. Unless those high calorie foods taste amazing, avoid them. Pick only the very best and limit your portion size.
2. When you do eat foods that are higher in sugar and carbs, pair them with a protein so that your blood sugar levels will stay regulated.
3. Don't let yourself get too hungry. That way you won't be tempted to binge. Better to eat a small snack to get rid of hunger pangs than to wait until your next meal and overindulge.
4. Make time to exercise several times a week. This is just as important for mental reasons as it is for the physical benefits. You'll be less likely to cheat if you're investing time and energy into fitness.

Hope that helps!
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