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Bitcoin Phenomenon?
Jan 29th 2022
The easiest way to understand how the system that creates a cryptocurrency is to imagine a book. Imagine that this book is lying in the center of a table where several people are sitting. The book records the balance of everyone who sits at this table. And each of these people can freely take a book from the table and look at the balance of any person, since this information is open to everyone.

If one decides to transfer funds to another, he declares his intention aloud to everyone sitting at the table. After that, they all make a decision on the application, and together they write in the book opposite the name of the first person that such and such an amount has been written off from him, and opposite the name of the second - that he has exactly the same amount added. In such a system, banknotes and coins (in their usual sense) are absent and never appear. At the same time, no one can spend funds twice, because a clear record is kept of where and where they go.

This is how the cryptocurrency system works. But its participants are not at the table, but all over the world. All of them are connected to the network and use addresses, not last names, to transfer funds. The validity of the address is verified using public encryption keys. At the same time, the faces of the payer and the recipient remain secret. The system turns traditional banking secrecy on its head: all transactions are conducted openly, but it is not possible to associate a specific address with a specific person.

Mining is the provision of computing power (your PC, laptop or professional devices) to serve the needs of the crypto network. To maintain the operation of the system, confirm transactions, ensure uninterrupted and stable operation, and protect against attacks, algorithms work that cannot function in the air , without hardware resources. As this work is done, new coins are generated, which are paid to the owners of digital equipment for the use of their capacities.
Jan 29th 2022
It's been a long time since I've been so into online games that the time around seems to freeze while you're in the game. And I found a steam trading card bot in one of the games. This is a fucking option online! Play, increase your rating and not just like that, but for special cards, which are then exchanged for badges. Official idea. And you play games, and you get bonuses for it. It's cool, right?
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