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Bitcoin miners' income fell to $1.21 billion in January.
Feb 18th 2022
In January 2022, bitcoin miners generated $1.21 billion in revenue, down 15% from the previous month. This is stated in the ForkLog report.

The share of commissions in the receipts of the miners of the first cryptocurrency fell to a record low 1.15% or $13.9 million.

In the first month of the year, Ethereum miners earned $2.62 billion, 7% less than in December. Commissions in proceeds exceeded the income from mined blocks - $1.33 billion against $1.28 billion.

Bitcoin hashrate increased by 5.33% in January (a figure smoothed by the 7-day moving average), and mining difficulty increased by 9.77%. This indicates an increase in global mining capacity and a complete recovery of indicators after the Great Migration of Chinese miners, as well as the confidence of market participants in the long-term prospects of the first cryptocurrency.

On January 10, the average commission on the Ethereum network crossed the $50 mark, while Bitcoin did not reach $3. The latter is due to low on-chain activity against the backdrop of a falling market and the Taproot update.
Feb 19th 2022
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