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Bummed out after Weight Watchers meeting
Oct 21st 2013
I'd been doing pretty well with the Weight Watchers program. I was losing a healthy amount of weight each week by exercising regularly and tracking everything I was eating. However in the past few weeks I wasn't able to lose anything and some weeks I was even up a pound or two. I asked the counsellor what I could be doing wrong and she looked over my diet log and said "I don't know what to tell you, sometimes it just happens." I tried talking to a different counsellor and got a similar response. Has anyone else been blown off at a WW meeting? I thought they were there to help. What gives? I have skipped two meetings now and not sure that I want to go back.
So discouraged
Oct 21st 2013
Wow, that's terrible that you had to deal with that kind of a reaction. I've been going to WW meetings for years (lifetime member here...woot!) and I can honestly say that's never happened to me. I always get great advice and encouragement both from the counsellors and my fellow members. I look forward to my meetings every week and you should too. If you're not (which clearly you're not) then maybe there's another chapter you could attend? If there's only one in your area then I suggest contacting someone in management and let them know that your needs aren't being met. They will likely appreciate the honest feedback. Hang in there.
Oct 21st 2013
Mel_UA is right, that's not ok and you need to speak with a manager. Meetings can and should be a great source of encouragement and if you feel you're not getting that then you're not getting your money's worth.
Oct 21st 2013
Have you tried WW online? Maybe that's another option to consider. Just a thought
Nov 18th 2013
That's terrible. I always had a great experience with WW. Very supportive. Sounds like you just had a bit of bad luck. There's good meetings out there.
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