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Cake vs Alcohol
Oct 20th 2013
I have some parties coming up and I don't want to restrict myself entirely so I have decided to indulge a little. Since wine mixed with a little water has roughly the same calories as a small dessert, I'm wondering which option would be the better choice.
Oct 20th 2013
It depends on which one might trigger bad behaviour. For example, if the alcohol is going to make you feel lousy the next day and keep you from working out, then maybe the dessert is a better option. However, if having the cake might trigger a sugar binge, then stick with the alcohol. If you don't think that either will happen, then just pick the one you think you'd enjoy more.
Oct 20th 2013
If this is just a special occasion situation then have the one you want more. The calories are roughly the same and the occasional "cheat" shouldn't make a difference to your weightloss efforts overall.
Oct 20th 2013
The most important thing is to have fun! That's what parties are for Don't beat yourself up for having a little something you wouldn't normally have, but focus on the fun and should only be a part of your life, it shouldn't control it!
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