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Do firming creams really work?
Sep 29th 2013
After recent weight loss I am finding that my skin is sagging Does anyone have experience with firming creams? Do they work? Is there is one that is better than the rest?
Sep 29th 2013
Well I don't want to sound negative, but short of plastic surgery, there are no OTC creams that will firm up skin that's already loose. However, some of them CAN help to keep skin that is already firm from sagging prematurely.
Sep 29th 2013
It can take up to three years for skin to tighten up after weight-loss. So if your weight-loss is recent, give it time. The creams are a scam. You think they are working over time, but it's not the cream, it's just the time that your body needs to adjust. Save your money and try some toning exercises to help speed up the process!
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