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Forum Rules
Jan 27th 2014
The Scale Wars forum was created in order to provide a safe, family-friendly environment in which users can receive and provide encouragement and share information with fellow members. We want to encourage open, supportive conversation. Members should feel free to have frank, direct discussions and even to disagree with fellow members, but respect must be demonstrated in all cases.

In order to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regulations, in order to take part in this forum, you must be 13 years of age or older.

Before posting, please review the guidelines listed below. Scale Wars administrators reserve the right to move, edit, close or delete any thread, or to block accounts of any members who are in violation of the following:

- Posts containing explicit, discriminatory, or racist language and/or photos will be deleted.

- Posts that contain derogatory remarks or posts that may be deemed threatening to any other member(s) will be edited or removed completely.

- Posts containing advertisements for other websites or products for monetary gain are prohibited.

- Links to personal blogs are acceptable if used to share a personal weight loss story. However, other links may be removed at the moderator s sole discretion.

- The solicitation of Scale Wars members for television, magazines, or for medical research or studies is not permitted.

- Avoid using ALL CAPS in your posts. Such posts may be interpreted as being aggressive in nature when that wasn t the poster s intention. Emoticons are a great way to illustrate tone.

- Do not invite other Scale Wars members to email you privately for information. Scale Wars will make every effort to protect members from unsolicited sales tactics. Should you have legitimate information to share with members, you can post it in the forum where it will be subject to the terms of use outlined herein.

- Messages containing information about, or with the intention to promote, unsafe or controversial weight loss methods and or procedures will be removed at the discretion of the forum moderators.

- Do not encourage members to participate in other weight loss forums as this contradicts the purpose for which this forum was created.

- Avoid cross-posting as it may derail ongoing conversations. Cross-posts will be deleted.

- Accounts are limited to one per member. Duplicate accounts may be deleted at the moderator s discretion.

- Links, including those within posts, profile, and signature links that are deemed to be in violation of these terms of use may be removed.

- Extreme care and consideration will be given in every circumstance; however, decisions made by the moderators are final and are not subject to debate.

- Terms of use may be revised without notice. Please check back regularly to review any changes. Your participation in this message board constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

- Members are encouraged to help maintain the integrity and mission of the Scale Wars forum. Although moderators will make every effort to remove objectionable messages from the forum, we cannot review messages in real-time. Posts reflect the views of the author, and Scale Wars will not be held responsible for the content of any message. Content may not be used elsewhere without the express permission of Scale Wars.

- Members who have questions or concerns may contact us by email or post in the Support section of this forum at any time.
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