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How to become a good bride?
Apr 20th 2021
Women for the most part seem to understand that the stamp in the passport itself does not solve anything, can not guarantee eternal love, it does not give anything at all, and even those who say that only with a stamp it is possible to divide joint property are wrong.

Having lived in a civil marriage for a couple of years, you have the same right to jointly acquired property as a woman living in an official marriage. Then why are women so eager for this stamp in the passport? It's because he seems to be able to accomplish for them the three things they so passionately desire. Although this is more myth than truth, but, nevertheless, many believe in the magical power of the stamp.

Fairy tales are to blame for everything. They always end and "they lived happily ever after". However, this "happy" certainly comes after the feast of the mountain was uploaded, at which all the main positive characters of the fairy tale were celebrated. Even if it is not always said directly, but the feast was understood as a wedding, and, therefore, without a wedding, happiness is impossible.

This attitude settles in children's souls and can live in them until old age. If there is an installation, then, of course, you need to perform it. That's why women are so desperate for this stamp, they just really want to be happy. And where have you heard it said that a man and a woman will live happily ever after after she has moved her things to him? They don't say that, and no one even thinks that. So such superstitions are born.
Apr 20th 2021
Being a good bride is a lot of work on yourself. And the ideal wife should combine a lot of qualities, such as beauty, the ability to be a friend to her husband, a good mother and a wonderful cook. But all this fades when a man falls in love with a woman. Just check over here to see the really good brides.
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