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I hate the taste of vegetables
Sep 30th 2013
Ever since I was a kid I have hated the taste of vegetables. Every diet program I've read about says that the key to success is eating lots of them. The only way I can tolerate them is when they are steamed but I've read that steaming makes them lose all their nutritional value. Is this true? The thought of eating them raw makes me gag, seriously.
Sep 30th 2013
IMO, steamed veggies are better than no veggies. It is true that you do lose some of the nutritional value by steaming them, but cooking tomatoes for example can also boost some nutrients like lycopene. Cooking vegetables in broth can preserve more nutrients than boiling and roasting or grilling vegetables can bring out amazing flavor that just might change your opinion about eating them.
Sep 30th 2013
Vegetables start losing nutrients once picked. Fresh or frozen cooked vegetables often have as much or more nutrients than the same types of raw vegetables if they've been sitting in the fridge or at the grocery store for long periods of time.
Nov 29th 2016
Try new recipes of vegetables you hate.
Jan 2nd 2018
Hi. Eating vegetables is crucial for the body. It's true that cooking methods alter the nutritional composition of vegetables. But still you can try to eat healthy by choosing a healthy and balanced diet. The livre minceur guides about healthy food that you benefit your body. Get some ideas about healthy food and you will find it useful.
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