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I miss my big bum
Oct 24th 2013
Before I had my baby I had always enjoyed the fact that I had a slim waist and a nice round bum. However, I put on a lot of weight during my pregancy and now that I've started losing weight I seem to be shrinking in the bum area more than anywhere else. My pants are all sagging in the rear and it's not a good look Anyone else have this problem? If so, was there something you did that helped fix it?
Oct 24th 2013
I had the same problem after I gave birth to my kids. Pregancy can change your body in so many ways Try not to get too bummed out by it (forgive the pun). There's no easy solution but you can do things to improve your situation. Lunges are a great way to build up your rear. Squats too, but I find I get better results from lunges.
Oct 24th 2013
I like big butts and I cannot lie Sorry, I figured a Sir Mix-a-Lot rap was needed Seriously though, lunges, lunges, and more lunges are what's needed here.
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