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Kicking the soda habit
Oct 5th 2013
I am hopelessly addicted to soda. I never really drank it growing up, but I started using it as a substitute for alcohol when I got older (never had a problem with alcohol, just don't love the taste). I now drink at least 3-4 cans of Pepsi every day. I recently started working from home and my fear is now that it's even more accessible my addiction to it will get even worse. I have put on at least 20 lbs in past ten years and I'm sure it's due, in part, to all the soda. How can I kick this habit once and for all?
Oct 5th 2013
Quitting soda was worse than kicking my smoking habit. I had headaches for weeks. Mountain Dew was my drink of choice and I still miss it every single day.
Oct 5th 2013
I had the same problem...brutal headaches The only thing that helped me was switching to sparkling water drinks like Perrier. They have different flavoured ones now (Lime is the best).
Oct 5th 2013
It's incredible how hard it can be to give up drinking soda but boy is it worth it! Without all that sugar and sodium I dropped so much weight without even trying. And I don't have the bloating anymore either.
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