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Lost 15 pounds. Help me choose a reward!
Sep 29th 2013
I am so excited. Just stepped off the scale and I've hit my first goal...15lbs gone!!! I don't want to reward myself with food and I don't have a lot of extra cash but I do want to get myself a little something to mark the occasion. Any ideas?
Sep 29th 2013
Well done!!! I buy myself new gym clothes or a new gym bag when I hit my goal. It helps keep me motivated
Sep 29th 2013
My friend and I treat ourselves to a new activity. We try to pick something that we've never done before like going for a new spa treatment or going to a concert.
Sep 29th 2013
Why not try buying yourself something that you might not have bought when you were heavier? Like maybe a pair of sexy high heels or a short skirt. If you're not ready for that, then you can just get a fancy new bra. Only you need to know it's there. Just make it something that makes you feel special in your new body
Oct 21st 2013
For every 5lb loss I get a manicure, when I hit a 10 lb mark I thrown in a bonus pedicure. It feels so great to be pampered and it is calorie-free
Oct 24th 2013
I love a good manicure I've been working really hard to lose weight for my wedding and I've already picked out what I want for for my special day! Not sure if you'll be able to see the detail but it's tiny glass balls on white...I dream about it whenever I need that little bit of extra motivation.
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