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My fat bucket list
Oct 5th 2013
I can barely count all the things that I have given up or not started doing because I am fat I wrote down the top 10 things I'd love to do if my weight wasn't stoping me and I consider it my "fat bucket list." I use it for motivation and have already crossed two items off my list! The number one item on my list is to go to the beach and wear a bathing suit. My rule is that it doesn't have to be a bikini (that'll never happen after four kids!!!), but I can't wear a cover up.
Oct 6th 2013
I just want to shop in a "regular" size store! No more "plus" sizes is my dream
Oct 6th 2013
I want to surprise my husband with some sexy lingerie...I just hope that the shock doesn't kill him, LOL
Oct 6th 2013
Who will be wearing the sexy lingerie? You or him?? tee hee
Oct 6th 2013
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