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Need a solution for workout acne!!
Oct 24th 2013
My skin has always been acne free most of my life (not counting a bit of PMS acne) but since I started running I've been breaking out big time! I wash my face thoroughly after every run and I don't use any greasy face creams or moisturizers. What can I do to clear this up fast???
Oct 24th 2013
I wonder if maybe you're not drying out your skin with excessive washing. It sounds counter-productive I know, but you actually need moisture in your skin to prevent breakouts. There are lots of moisturizers out there that won't clog your pores and if you are washing your face a lot you really need to moisturize in order to balance out the dryness.
Oct 24th 2013
Have you tried using Tea Tree oil? You can find it at the Body Shop and sometimes at health food stores too. Just apply some to a q-tip and dab it onto any blemishes. It takes a bit of time before you see results but it should help get rid of the redness pretty quickly.
Oct 24th 2013
I am happy to tell you that I have discovered the miracle acne cure! It's called Eradikate and it's made by Kate Sommerville (sp?). I get it from Sephora and they do have online shopping if you don't have a store nearby. I had acne issues my whole life and this is the only thing that works and it works so fast you won't believe it. I probably sound like a spokesperson for it, lol, but I honestly just LOOOVE this's changed my life. Seriously. I should warn you though, its not cheap (around $25 i think). But, it does last a long time.
Dec 24th 2016
The sweat and grease that is built up after workout can affect your hair and scalp as well and may run down onto your face.It depends on an individual variations in the extent to which acne is affected by exercise. If one gives gap in a workout, this can be a one of the reason for acne .One can find this helpful site to get rid of the acne and its scars.
Jun 12th 2017
AngelaOlmstead its Nice
Dec 29th 2017
Aloe Vera is best to lose acne.
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