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Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...really??
Oct 20th 2013
I keep hearing people say that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels." I have been overweight my entire life so I have no idea what being thin feels like. Being thin was never the goal of my weightloss efforts, it was always more about trying to get healthy. But now I'm wondering: if being thin is such a great feeling, then maybe that really should be my goal (?).
Oct 20th 2013
You shouldn't have to pick one of those goals over the should keep them both. Aim for thin AND healthy. Being healthy is ultimately what's most important, but if anyone said that being thin wasn't an amazing feeling is lying. It's life changing.
Oct 20th 2013
I think this is an important question because most people seem to focus on how they look and not how they feel and if looking thin makes you feel good, then yes, that could be one of your goals. However, looking thin might not make you feel happy automatically. Everyone's different and maybe getting fit (which doesn't necessarily mean being thin) will make you feel even better. Invest some time to figure out what it is exactly that you are hoping to achieve on your weightloss journey as that will be a great guide for you in the process. Best of luck!
Nov 8th 2013
For me, being thin has made me feel confident. I'm no longer self-conscious about my body and I stopped thinking that it's the first (and only) thing that people are thinking when they see me. I now feel secure enough to approach new people and to engage in activities that I never could have done when I was heavier.
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