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Overeating when I can't exercise
Oct 5th 2013
I have a big problem and need some advice On days that I workout I have no problem keeping my eating under control all day. I don't eat too much and I make better choices about the kinds of food that I do eat. BUT, on days when I can't get to the gym (work, kids activities, etc.), my eating is out of control. I crave sweets and I don't stop indulging, even when I know that I am no longer hungry. This is killing any progress I make on my "good days." Am I alone in this? Does anyone have any tips to help me stay on track?
Oct 6th 2013
I think that's pretty normal daamoon. When you workout you release endorphins that make you feel good and your energy is likely focused on things besides food. It is also the reason why you're not craving bad foods. When you do something healthy like working out it makes you want to keep doing healthy things, like eating well. At least that's always been my experience.
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