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Saying goodbye forever to....
Oct 22nd 2013
I thought i might be fun to list some of the things we won't miss once we lose weight. I'll get the ball rolling...I will NOT miss having to make sure that the patio chairs are strong enough to sit on!!
Oct 22nd 2013
My muffin top...BUH-BYE to that!
Oct 22nd 2013
So long to stretchy pants. Can't wait to say goodbye to elastic bands everywhere
Oct 22nd 2013
I've got more than just one thing to say my goodbyes to....

thighs rubbing/sticking together when I walk
people asking me when my baby is due (hint: i'm NOT pregnant)
being directed to the plus size clothing...whether I ask to be or not
squeezing into small airplane seats on long flights

there's more but I'll have to think about it some more, lol
Oct 22nd 2013
LOL...all of the above AND...granny pants
Nov 18th 2013
Goodbye to self-doubt. Hello to learning to be good to myself once and for all.
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