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Slipping during maintenance
Oct 25th 2013
During my weight loss phase I was more focused than I have ever been in my life. I kept a detailed diary of everything I ate, never missed a workout session, and I never gave myself the permission to cut any corners. It was a struggle but I wanted to hit my goal weight target so badly that I pushed through every obstacle to get there.

So a couple of months ago I made it...I hit my target. I was elated and thought that as hard as it had been, my struggles were finally behind me. Not so. Now that I'm in the maintenance stage I can't seem to maintain the same level of focus. I've been cheating here and there and while I have managed to stay within a couple pounds of my original goal I am worried about the direction things have taken. I'd love to hear from other "maintainers" on this subject and particularly how to deal with feelings of potentially losing control...
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