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Squashing the negative voices
Oct 5th 2013
I've been doing pretty well with my weight loss efforts so far but throughout my journey I have been battling a non-stop stream of negative voices in my head. When I started, I kept telling myself "you'll never stick with this." Then, when I actually started to lose weight, I kept hearing "you'll never keep it off" and "you're just going to gain it all back." I ignore it as much as possible but it does bring me down and I'm certain it's keeping me from being as successful as I could be. I just don't know how to shake these negative thoughts
Oct 6th 2013
Meditation is a great way to clear out the negativity. Even as litttle as 15-20 minutes each day spent quietly reflecting on positive thoughts can keep you on track.
Oct 6th 2013
I agree with Bitmap. You can do anything you set your mind to. Good luck!!
Nov 18th 2013
You need to believe in you!! No other voice's all about how you feel in your own skin
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