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Starting a meal replacement diet
Sep 30th 2013
Ok, here's my situation:

- I can't/don't like cooking
- Even when I do cook I find that I am wasting a lot of money because I am cooking for one and the rest of the food goes bad and ends up in the garbage
- I work really long hours at my job and the last thing I want to do at night or in the morning is to spend my time preparing meals for the day

So...I'm planning to start a Slim Fast diet and see how that goes. I like the idea of being able to replace most of my meals with a bar or a shake. No counting calories, convenient, less waste. Thoughts? Suggestions?
Sep 30th 2013
Let me start by saying that I hope it works for you I think anything you do to try and improve is good thing so I don't want to come off sounding critical. However, I am not a fan of the meal replacement diets. I don't think that it prepares you for how you'll need to eat for the rest of your life, which is something you would need to learn in order to keep the weight off long-term.
Sep 30th 2013
I didn't use Slim Fast but what I did use was basically the same thing, this was just the "generic" version they sell at Costco. It did help me lose weight for the first week or two but I had horrible hunger pains the whole time I was on it. Even though the shakes would fill me up I didn't "feel" full. I guess that because I was drinking my calories instead of eating them my brain didn't get the message that I wasn't actually hungry. You might have a different experience though so I do encourage you to give it a try if you think it will work for your lifestyle.
Sep 30th 2013
I drink my calories too. Just a different drink, lol.
Sep 30th 2013
Stick with the vanilla shakes. The chocolate and strawberry ones are blech!
Feb 3rd 2017
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