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Stretch Marks and Weight Loss
Sep 25th 2013
I've lost some weight and I'm starting to see stretch marks. Have you used any products to help remove stretch marks during weight loss? I know that they sell a product for this at Dr. Bernstein's but I feel like it's a bit too much of a pitch. I've heard that a slow and gradual weight loss can help avoid stretch marks, but I've been going slow and I'm still getting them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sep 25th 2013
StriVectin-SD is supposed to be effective but it is very $$$. You can read the reviews on Sephora's website to find what others have to say about it (and find similar products). You can try Bio-oil too. Most drug stores carry it in the skin care aisle.
Nov 29th 2016
Take natural ways to remove it.
Dec 24th 2016
Natural remedies are always preferred as it does not have any side effect.
Jun 12th 2017
Hi. I have heard from my friends going for the following ways to remove stretch marks. The castor oil is used in the treatment of a number of skin problems including stretch marks. You can also go for a Cellublue cup. Cocoa butter is also very beneficial in treating stretch marks.
Dec 4th 2019
Hey, wondering about Castor Oil for Stretch Marks no worries there are things that can be sorted out and feel like you are awesome for your skin, and look fab!
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