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Struggling with South Beach diet
Oct 21st 2013
It's my first day on this plan and I already feel like I'm failing I have a huge sweet tooth and eating vegetables has always been a struggle for me. I really want to make this diet work for me because I have seen how well my friends and co-workers have done with it but I am already feeling defeated. I mean how am I going to make it stick when just the first day seems so overwhelming!
Oct 21st 2013
First off, take a deep does get better The best way to make this plan work for you (or any plan for that matter) is to prepare yourself for it as much as possible. Do some recipe searches to find ways to use veggies in a way that you might find more appealing. There are some really inventive ones out there that make it so you'd hardly even know it was vegetable-based.

I won't lie to you. You will find it very hard to let go of the sweet stuff. That's not easy. But, once you've made it past the first week or two you will be surprised at how much of your cravings are simply a part of not having gone without them. After a break from the sweets you won't crave them nearly as often and you'll start developing a taste for the foods that are in the plan.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
Oct 21st 2013
Thank you for the great advice. You're right...I think I really should have planned better. I still have junk food in the house because my kids love it but I need to get rid of it and when they want a treat they can go to the store and get something themselves. I just wish I wasn't such a fussy eater. I don't like foods that are typically eaten for breakfast so I'm used to just skipping it entirely and then binging on sweets and fatty foods throughout the day. I need to get my head ready so that my body will follow I guess Thanks again for the encouragement!
Nov 18th 2013
Get rid of all the junk food...who needs the temptation!
Nov 29th 2016
Leave junk and oily food.
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