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The salt factor
Oct 23rd 2013
I've been watching everything I eat really closely. Something I'm really struggling with is not being able to keep my sodium intake under control. I use salt as a substitute for things like butter and dressings so I find it hard to limit my use of it. Is there a certain amount of sodium that's considered "bad" and will it affect my weight loss efforts? Please help....
Oct 23rd 2013
I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure that salt won't affect weight loss. Too much salt will likely cause you to retain water and therefore it might seem like you're gaining weight (or at least not losing any) when you step on the scale but that's misleading because it's just bloat, not fat.
Oct 23rd 2013
Salt doesn't have calories so it shouldn't cause in weight gain but like the previous poster mentioned, it will make you retain water. You shouldn't limit your salt intake too much when dieting because it may result in an imbalance of electrolytes. Your body will adjust to the drop in sodium and make you more sensitive to it in the long run. This can result in a pretty substantial spike on the scale after you go back to a "regular" meal like one you would have at a restaurant. Unless your doctor says that you have a condition that requires you to limit your sodium intake you're probably better off keeping your sodium levels consistent.
Oct 24th 2013
Personally, I don't worry about it at all unless I have to weigh in for a weight loss competition or something. As others have said, it doesn't actually make you gain weight, just retain water. This is why people go on diets and "lose" 10 pounds in a weekend but then get burnt out when they plateau after that haha. You just stopped eating chips and pizza so your body dropped 9 pounds of water. Of course you weigh less and feel better
Nov 18th 2013
Bloating is the worst. Stay hydrated and avoid pre-packaged foods that use salt to compensate for lack of flavor and you should be fine.
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