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Things I should know before joining a gym
Sep 20th 2013
I'm a runner but I recently had knee surgery and won't be able to run for quite a while I'm thinking of joining a gym so I can still workout but I don't have a lot of money. Anyone have any tips on how to get the best deal?
Sep 23rd 2013
My best advice is to make sure that the membership is transferrable. That way if you aren't happy with it you can sell it to someone else. Not all gyms will let you do that though so make sure you get it in writing before signing on the dotted line.
Sep 23rd 2013
Spring/Summer is a good time to shop for a deal. Lots of people take their workouts outside in warmer months so the gyms tend to offer better deals.
Sep 23rd 2013
Look for gyms that offer free trials so you can "try before you buy."
Sep 23rd 2013
Great tips y'all. Thanks for the info!
Dec 3rd 2013
One thing that always bugs me is when gyms charge to dollar even if they don't have all the features that other gyms have. I used to go to Good Life but it cost a fortune and they didn't have a pool or steam room. The YMCA is sometimes seen as a lower end option, but they have all the same equipment as well as pools, steam rooms, and access to cheap personal trainers. Swallow that pride and get to the YMCA, friend
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