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Working out and GAINING weight!
Sep 30th 2013
I started a cardio program two weeks ago. I do about 45 minutes 5-6 times a week but I was horrified to discover that instead of losing, I've actually gained two pounds! What the heck
Sep 30th 2013
Don't despair just yet. If you've only started this program in the past couple of weeks then your body is probably just adjusting to the change. That being said, do you find that you are eating more because you've been working out?
Sep 30th 2013
Don't give up! It's probably just that your body is holding onto water weight. Keep drinking lots of water and I suspect that your body will stop bloating very soon.
Sep 30th 2013
Thanks for the support and the good advice I haven't been eating any more than usual, although I understand why you'd think that might have been the case. I'll be patient and hope that it's just water weight!
Nov 29th 2016
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Nov 5th 2019
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