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Working out and looking good doing it
Sep 25th 2013
Every time I go to the gym I end up feeling like such a slob I'm not a troll, I just see these girls looking so glamorous and I can't help wanting to be like them. This isn't about finding a boyfriend...I already have one. I just think that if I look better it'll motivate me or at least make me feel a bit more confident. So all you lovely ladies out there...send me all your beauty tips please!
Sep 25th 2013 your hair long or short? If it's short, get a cute elasticized headband to keep your hair tidy (it'll keep it out of your eyes too). Post-workout, remove the headband, blow dry your hair, apply some dry shampoo, give it a little tousle and you should be good to go. If your hair is long, pull it back into a high pony tail or pin it into a bun. Use pins to keep bangs off your forehead to avoid breakouts. If you use a dry shampoo before you start working out it can also help keep oil and sweat under control while you work out.
Sep 25th 2013
I spray my face with spring water after an intense workout. It'll make you feel refreshed and helps reduce redness. You can get it in handy travel sizes too so they're easy to tuck in your gym bag
Sep 25th 2013
Makeup is bad for the skin because it traps sweat and can cause breakouts. You can still create a fresh look by using a little lip stain instead of lipstick and use a smudge-proof mascara. Those are my secret weapons
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